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Jola is my name, I was a designer for many years and deviated into art in 1991 with my first solo exhibition in 1992.

Orange in the Central West of NSW Australia is my permanent home for now. Before we settled here I journeyed with my family from Poland through Czechoslovakia, Austria, Italy and Durban in South Africa, finally settling on the east coast of Australia.

The cultural journey from Communist Poland through Apartheid South Africa to the Democratic and Capitalist Australia was as emotionally life changing as the physical journey.

Though my first immigrant years were challenging, they were nothing compared to what my parents went through to get us here and settled. The price they paid stayed with them for ever and the benefits of their sacrifice I thank them for deeply and enjoy every day.

My art reflects my life journey and I hope you enjoy getting a glimpse through my art. I am immersed at this time in the exploration of the links between us, the networks we see, feel and sense.

Relationships can be physical, personal, emotional, and genetic, the lines I place on paper explore the convoluted patterns we all make. The contrast between chaos and order fascinates me and I explore this in the technique of artistic intuition and linear connections.

art now art before now art biography all about me my studio